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These are comments related to issues and trouble spots around town.

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There should be an underpass under the RR tracks here. Access to Willow Festival, Meadowhill South and all of the businesses along Techny would be enhanced if we didn't have to deal with all of the heavy train traffic that blocks up Techny and the downtown train crossings.

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If Marcello's wasn't Mobbed Up they'd have pulled from this location a long time ago. They need to leave anyway, food and place is not for me!

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Crossing to access Walgreens and GBN. Dangerous with cars and no indication of crossing.

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The intersection of Shermer and Waukegan. Ok, I am tired of playing chicken with some driver who races up in the right hand lane, who knows that the lane ends up past the gas station, but still insists on racing with you to get there first instead of falling back to go behind you. These are not even kids, but adults! Can't we make the right lane a turn lane only?

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Tear it down, and rebuild with store fronts along Cherry and Meadow and possibly the brook (especially Meadow). These spaces were designed and built-out by tenants that are no longer there (Sunset/Walgreens). Make the owner(s) invest in this property (not the residents of Northbrook).
Shermer Ave

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@ 1349 Shermer Rd (CarQuest). On street parking located in front of this address is a potential hazard. Parking is limited to two cars and artificially narrows the road when least expected. Traffic coming across the Metra tracks cannot see parked cars. Parking along Meadow Rd is currently underutilized and would be a good alterhate.
Sharona Abramson

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This mall is in desparate need of a facelift. The roads are pock-marked; the awenings and storefronts are old, not uniform, and unwelcoming; and the empty commercial spaces are pitiful. It would be great if downtown NB (esp. the mall at Meadow and Cherry) was a good destination for an evening stroll or dining. It's looked about the same since I was in high-school in the 80's. It's about time for investment and a change!

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I have no problem with a Car Parts store being in Northbrook on Shermer. I do have a problem with its facade being painted in such a way that it sticks out like a sore thumb. Some people complain about the Northbrook Garage. I think it fits more into the look of the street than the car parts store. All it would take is another color scheme (some paint) and maybe a new sign.

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A Goodwill Store? Really? Would you put one Downtown?

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This shopping center is a real eye sore on the community. The facility is not very well maintained. The awnings are torn off, the parking lot is full of holes and the general look of it is not inviting. I think this area could be really nice if it were improved and the restaurants were allowed to have outdoor seating. It is too bad that none of it looks over the water in the back.

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Old gas station location ... was used for storage of ComEd and other utiilty junk for a while. Was sodded over fairly recently. Still wasted space.

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Interesting how we are asked for input and yet the garage is already being worked on. This was our one big opportunity for some real character and a nod to the legacy the Lorenz family created for Northbrook. Vey sad - I assume we are getting a paint store or a bank here, just what we need most. And that will create all kinds of in and out traffic around the park where our kids are playing.
Melvyn Cohen

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Re: the shopping center with Sunset Foods, Post office, etc. By the entrance off of Cherry, there is a driveway to the back part of the lot. On manyy occasions cars parrallel park along the building and also along the fence/retaining wall opposite the buildings. This turns a two way driveway into a one car, very tight driveway. There shoudl be signs posted for no parking on one side of the driveway.

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Huge horriibly maintained gravel lot with access to Meadow ave. This is wasted storefront along Meadow in the heart of downtown.

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This area needs to be cleaned up. Look at how nice the parking across the street looks with landscaping and restriping.

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We have a beautiful natural feature that is completely wasted. Instead of a riverwalk, the river is completely ignored. The river is behind a mall, and at the back end of a parking lot! Incredible that such a useful physical feature is covered up and ignored! If we can't build a riverwalk with shops, etc, can we at least have a path with some benches? Don't cover up the river- ACCENT it! Do SOMETHING with it!

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This entryway to Northbrook looks like an unincorporated dump.

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There is a serious problem with the timing of the traffic light at Willow and Shermer. Westbound traffic on Willow backs up from Shermer all the way back to Patriot causing gridlock at the Patriot Willow intersection. Shermer seems to be the only problem as that same westbound traffic has no problem at Waukegan, Willow Festival, Lehigh, Patriot, or Landwehr.
Long Time Resident

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This should be the first spot fixed, it is everything that is wrong with downtown Northbrook. Boring and ignored.
Paris Pepoon

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For as long as I have lived in NB, there has been no sidewalk on the west side of Cedar between Cherry and Center, this is across from the library and the city hall. It abuts Greenbriar school yard. So anyone who is walking from the west on Cherry must walk behind cars that are parked along that strip. I thought there was a ordinance that said there must be sidewalks for a certain distance close to schools. What happened there???

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This shopping center is in need of a revitalization.

-14 Votes  Upgrade   Downgrade  
Are you serious about asking about Pace service in Nbk (i.e. once an hour on a snaky route)? If so, come up with some sort of community based transit that serves the rest of the village. My idea would be a demand response van that connects up with a main line route that stopped in and terminated at Willow Festival.
Jeff St. John

-12 Votes  Upgrade   Downgrade  
Meadow Rd to the north of Shermer just doesn't look good and really detracts from the appearance of our downtown area. To me, having a tremendous amount of enhancement to Meadow Rd. between Cherry and Walters is really THE key to making downtown Northbrook work in the future. Beyond that, have a common store front look to the Shermer R. buildings northeast of the tracks is also a key piece to the puzzle.

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This is a heavy traffic area and appears to be a hazard for vehicles crossing Walters at Cedar.

14 Votes  Upgrade   Downgrade  
PLEASE don't allow Fresh Farms to finally build here. Traffic on Willow is already bad enough, and we have more than enough groceries in the area now that Whole Foods is open and Dominick's renovated. It was a bad idea then, and is still now.
Ed S.

8 Votes  Upgrade   Downgrade  
So we really need another paint store? We already have a paint store right across the street not to mention Do-It-Best, Home Depot and Lowe's nearby. A comfortable, casual, inexpensive eatery like Panera Bread or Culver's would have been great.
Jennifer L.

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It's so sad that we get the 'alley' view of the back of the business along Meadow. This block of this street seems critical for connecting to our downtown area and is a huge opportunity for our downtown to feel expanded in a dense area.

25 Votes  Upgrade   Downgrade  
Need better access to the desplaines river path from Dundee

-6 Votes  Upgrade   Downgrade  
Bad rush-out delays at this light. Crossing Waukegan road is a nightmare at Dundee, Lake Cook and Lake Ave in Glenview. And don't suggest Willow...until it is four (4) lanes through Northfield: two lanes with a central left-turn is not going to cut the rush-hour delays.

-6 Votes  Upgrade   Downgrade  
As much as we love Sunset and recognize their contribution to the community, we need more options for grocery shopping. A discount produce market and a health food store would be dream choices. Other great options would be a plant/landscape store, a music store and more unique gift shops.
Jennifer L

61 Votes  Upgrade   Downgrade  
This needs to be a 4-way stop sign. All Greenbriar traffic runs through this area turning from Briarwood onto Catherine. People go to fast and it is not safe for kids walking to school and having to cross here.

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Need to turn the center on cherry and meadow around facing the river/creek. Then turn the center on shermer across from the park around to face the water. Have a walkway between the two creating a downtown feel. Make people invest in their buildings. Everything between meadow and the train is an absolute eyesore. When the garage is complete I would assume it will be aesthetically pleasing, despite the tenants. You cant blame the owner for the tenants, they have to pay bills. Anybody I talk to ,say they would never open a retail business in Northbrook.

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This is probably the most important area for revitalization. Who owns this commercial property? Have they invested any money on 5 years or more? Need a solid anchor tenant again. Need to remove odd green, dated awnings by stores. Need to re-pave blacktop to freshen up, add greenery, plantings. Town to do whatever possible to encourage cooperative development of this area. It is largest commercial sf in this area, I would guess, and simply not attractive.
Run Down Strip Mall

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What do we need to do to turn the ownership of this property? What an eyesore.

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The Landmark had potential of taking the place of Cyps but has fallen way short. The quality of the food is so low you cannot really consider it for dining. We need a family friendly restaurant that will provide a vibrant atmosphere and quality fresh food options.

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Downtown Northbrook is just a short distance on foot or bike from the Skokie Valley and North Branch trails, and the Botanic Gardens. Unfortunately, in order to get there on foot or bike, you have to face the lack of consistent sidewalk and/or bike lane between Waukegan and Skokie along Shermer/Dundee. A few small improvements to make sure there is consistent sidewalk/path this whole length, and wide enough for people to pass each other, would be a fairly inexpensive job and do a lot to enhance the recreational opportunities in the area.

20 Votes  Upgrade   Downgrade  
East side of Sanders at Phyllis Drive blind intersection, stop sign on Phyllis is located past crosswalk. Northbound bicylists emerging from sidewalk are at serious risk. How about adding bicycle lanes to Sanders Road?
Resident of Summerton Pl.

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Street is not graded well so rain leaves large puddles of water in the street.

35 Votes  Upgrade   Downgrade  
The shopping center is Glenview and the street is NBK. Much of the traffic at Walgreens is from seniors living at the communities nearby. I see many near-misses at the congested entrance on Pfingsten from poor drivers or people taking left-turns into traffic. Needs to be improved somehow.

-20 Votes  Upgrade   Downgrade  
Crestwood is the only street connecting Cherry and Walters located between Western and Pfingsten. So, it is often used as a cut-through to avoid lights and stop signs. The issue here is the high rate of speed of many the cars as they cut through.

-22 Votes  Upgrade   Downgrade  
The shops on Shermer and the shops on Cherry are disconnected. It would be great if Meadow could somehow be modified/leveraged to create one cohesive shopping area.

99 Votes  Upgrade   Downgrade  
Putting the retention pond between the development and the development was not a good idea, especially if the development was to be street centered. I realize that it is too late to do anything about this now, but I would not recommend the same if areas around it become available for redevelopment.
Vacant Lot

95 Votes  Upgrade   Downgrade  
How long does this property need to remain a vacant lot?

66 Votes  Upgrade   Downgrade  
Most of the daily foot traffic in NBK is to and from the train station. Need to develop the areas facing both train platforms. There should be multiple options for food, coffee, cleaners, gifts, books. Outdoor dining and carryout. Need more emphasis on walking -- wide open walking spaces, not cramped sidewalks. Get the cars back away from the buildings so there's not so much noise and danger for children. Slow down the car traffic.