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Coordinates: 42.93849945, -83.50479889
Project ID: 211434

Milling and Two Course Asphalt Resurfacing

Length: 9.861000061

Year: 2024, 2025, 2026
Agency: MDOT
Location: South Genesee County Line to I-69
Total Cost: 15,798,608
a bike path DIVIDED from M15 would be a great addition if the road is to be widened in this project. A simple wide shoulder w/o a division from M15 would be too dangerous on this stretch for bicycling.
Non-Motorized Improvement
Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission
Thank you for your comment, we appreciate the feedback! We have forwarded your comment to MDOT who will be responding back to you. Please let us know if you have any additional comments or questions!
Lawrence Malan
I reside literally on M15 just N. of Hills Lane. Is there a an expansion of width of the shoulder? If so, will there be notice given to residents in advance? Would any expansion of the shoulder include a bike lane? If there are expansion of the shoulders; would that be on both W and E? I would like to suggest that if not, that this expansion be considered with the idea of utilization of grants / funding of the Iron Belle trail or other pedestrian / cycling Non-profit group activities as an expansion of the shoulder would require minimal increase in costs and nether any addl. maintenance required.
Non-Motorized Improvement
Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission
In response to the question regarding work on M-15: we will be constructing 6 foot shoulders on both sides of the road for the drain project. This wouldn’t be a bike lane (which would be located within the travelway). We may be able to squeeze in 8’ shoulders for other areas along M-15 but we will need to be further along on design. I believe a press release will precede the project start date. Please let us know if you would like to be included in the project update list.
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