Recommend a bridge over 23 and Whitmore Lake Rd here, with new trail going into woods here
42.498821, -83.758388
7148 Whitmore Lake Rd Brighton, MI 48116-8558
Oct 1, 2021 4:30 PM

Adam Goodman

Creating a direct "western" connection between Brighton Rec Area and the Lakelands Trail (e.g. near Chilson or Pettysville) would be fantastic, and create a "closed loop" with the rest of the existing and planned trail projects!
42.463273, -83.833439
9515 Chilson Commons Cir Pinckney, MI 48169
Sep 30, 2021 7:09 PM

Tim Rose

Cross under the four bridges following the Huron River. I was there in a kayak when the river was at flood stage this summer and there appears to be plenty of room to but a pedestrian bridge in there. Then build a trail through the Huron Meadows property to the main entrance.
42.470684, -83.755218
9000 Fieldcrest Dr Brighton, MI 48116-8422
Sep 24, 2021 12:57 PM


So close to the proving grounds and the lovely wide swathe of lawn surrounding the fences. Wouldn’t it be great to connect the trail to a trail that goes around the proving grounds exterior border? Maybe GM would contribute in order to allow their employees to access metro parks on their breaks for wellness. Many cyclists and runners already ride around this area and a connection to the metro parks would be amazing
42.575277, -83.636891
Group Camp Rd Milford, MI 48381
Sep 23, 2021 8:41 PM

George Ciot

Maybe this will get Grand River east of Kensington Rd fixed.
Sep 23, 2021 8:28 PM

Pedro Reyna

This will connect with South Lyon bike trail too, will be awesome
Sep 23, 2021 7:50 PM


Would be nice if it could end up at the East end of the Lakelands Trail in Hamburg.
42.448036, -83.801719
10704 Hamburg Rd Hamburg, MI 48139-1204
Sep 23, 2021 3:52 PM

Jim Vibbart

I see comments about putting in a pedestrian bridge. That really limits use in the winter unless it's covered. How about a tunnel under 23 instead? That way, the entrance and exits can be large enough for tandem bicycles, of which there are many in the immediate area.
42.502477, -83.757306
7100 Fieldcrest Dr Brighton, MI 48116-8547
Sep 23, 2021 3:08 PM


Would like to see a bike path added along Brighton Rd. To Chilson. Allowing more kids to ride to High School events.
42.526903, -83.861841
5010 Chilson Rd Howell, MI 48843-9452
Sep 23, 2021 2:48 PM

Timothy Tucker

If there's already going to be a pedestrian bridge created, why not extend it so that it covers both Whitmore Lake Rd. & Fieldcrest Dr., having the existing path to the east continue south until the bridge?
42.501575, -83.757733
US-23 N Brighton, MI 48116
Sep 23, 2021 12:34 PM
4 months ago
Jay Miller

I agree with this.

Timothy Tucker

Consider extending the path south so that there's a clear and direct spot to cross with a pedestrian hybrid beacon on Fieldcrest
Sep 23, 2021 12:32 PM


Connecting to the lakeland trail would be amazing
42.44225, -83.756257
11031 Whitmore Lake Rd Whitmore Lake, MI 48189-8000
Sep 23, 2021 10:25 AM
4 months ago

I agree with Edward. Connecting to Lakeland Trail (Mike Levine) God Bless him, would be great. Put the cross bridge over US23 close to M36 which puts you safely on the asphalt trail all the way to Pinckney. From there you can ride hard packed limestone to Stockbridge and beyond. You can then eventually connect to the B2B trail. AWESOME!

Hamburg resident

I’d love to see bike lanes or a path along Maltby. Pedestrians and bikers often use the road, which has no shoulder and poor visibility (especially when the sun is low it is dangerous - hard for drivers to see people in the road).
42.498627, -83.797235
7707 Maltby Rd Brighton, MI 48116-8810
Sep 23, 2021 10:17 AM

Josh Lazzari

Although this has been noted on other areas of the map and I know safety is top priority on this project, I think one of the biggest trouble areas when it comes to biker safety are the gravel roads surrounding BRec. Many blind curves and drivers taking turns much too fast. What would plan of attack for safest travel look like through here?
42.502614, -83.82183
5777 Bishop Lake Rd Brighton, MI 48116-9106
Sep 23, 2021 8:49 AM
4 months ago
Jay Miller

Would love to see a dedicated path alongside Bishop Lake Road running directly from the campground/beach/lakes area to Bauer Road and the proposed path there.


When is the Howell cross town trail going to be completed? I have seen zero communication on this project.
Sep 23, 2021 8:07 AM


Would like to see a connection added to Downtown Howell to allow bicyclists to enter park system without having to drive from Howell first.
42.513128, -83.85726
5977 Chilson Rd Howell, MI 48843-7426
Sep 23, 2021 6:56 AM
4 months ago

Definitely agree that most of the focus has been on connecting brighton to these parks. It would be nice if Howell was considered as well.

Steve Close

The Island Lake trail is in need of extensive repair. There are extensive lateral cracks and raveling in shaded sections. Weeds are growing in the cracks and it appears that there is no preventative maintenance. If this were a road its PASER asphalt rating would be "poor". Also there is not center line to encourage lane discipline or signs with trail safety rules. Debris has not been swept from the trail in weeks. It is not smart use of taxpayer money to neglect maintenance of assets.
42.501087, -83.712917
State Park Rd Brighton, MI 48116
Sep 23, 2021 6:13 AM

Kathy Herd

This is currently not an existing trail for bikers but hopefully when they redo this area there will be.
42.467085, -83.755346
Silver Lake Rd Brighton, MI 48116
Sep 22, 2021 4:55 PM

Kathy Herd

I think its great to include Huron Meadows but bikers will need a reminder that once in the park the trails are for walking and cross country skiing not bicycling.
42.499289, -83.776679
8618 Maltby Rd Brighton, MI 48116-8214
Sep 22, 2021 4:50 PM
4 months ago
Ted Nichols

Interesting point since many users of the Maltby trail will be on bicycles. Maybe that trail segment in the park would be a paved hike/bike trail like most of the other metroparks have.


Can the path have trees between the path and the road? This makes the path feel significantly safer and is less affected by noise pollution and noise and stress from loud traffic on the road.
42.497374, -83.805907
6343 Bishop Lake Rd Brighton, MI 48116-9106
Sep 21, 2021 10:25 AM


Please make sure any bicycle pathway along a road is a completely separated bicycle pathway with a physical barrier between cyclists and cars on the road.
42.500245, -83.783032
8325 Maltby Rd Brighton, MI 48116-8214
Sep 21, 2021 10:24 AM
4 months ago
Stephen C Brown

This is a most important point. Pedestrian and Bicycling deaths from motor vehicles have doubled over the past few years


The Island Lake pathway is desperately in need of repaving; it is very bumpy and cracked, and so bad it forces people to ride in the street.
42.494682, -83.718417
State Park Rd Brighton, MI 48116
Sep 21, 2021 9:35 AM

Tammy Higgins

This area needs to have a clear and safe path set up for non-motorized and motorvehicles need to be informed of pedestrian and bicycle right of ways.
Sep 21, 2021 8:14 AM

Jack Riddle

Extending the existing paved bike path for the length of Bauer Road would really be helpful; although in that case some maintenance of the existing path should be considered. Paving Bauer road would probably make it less friendly for biking than it is today, unless wide bike lanes were installed. Bauer is not bad for recreational cycling today although the relatively high traffic is an impediment to some cyclists and pedestrians.
42.504358, -83.810662
6983 Bauer Rd Brighton, MI 48116-9164
Sep 20, 2021 3:48 PM

Jack Riddle

If the trail is routed to Huron Meadows (which would be great in and of itself) please consider an entrance immediately across from the subdivision across Rickett. This would connect ~ 200 houses/families to this trail network for minimal additional cost.
Sep 20, 2021 3:44 PM


Creating a safe passage across M23 is essential to facilitate access to the parks and City of Brighton and exploit the economic potential of that access.
42.501507, -83.75683
7037 Fieldcrest Dr Brighton, MI 48116-8547
Sep 20, 2021 2:14 PM

Elliot K

Non-continuous sidewalk here may be confusing and dangerous for cyclists (unclear whether they should be on the road, the non-existent sidewalk, or the shoulder, and whether they should turn from the road to the sidewalk or stay on the road)
42.503406, -83.756612
9473 2nd Ave Brighton, MI 48116
Sep 20, 2021 9:55 AM
4 months ago
Stephen C Brown

Please provide clear guidance, posted signs AND pavement painting to indicate the proper route for connection at both ends

Jan C

Nice to have Huron Meadows Metropark be connected to the trail! It is a hidden gem for walkers.
42.499326, -83.773595
8780 Maltby Rd Brighton, MI 48116-8214
Sep 19, 2021 7:09 AM
4 months ago

Isn't there a more direct route to get in and out of the park?


We get a lot of bikers coming through the West Ridge neighborhood (presumably coming through the neighborhoods behind) heading out to island lake or brighton rec so I really think having the trail go past this neighborhood is awesome cuz then those people don't have to ride on maltby which is a pretty busy road!
42.4985, -83.792214
8001 Maltby Rd Brighton, MI 48116-8808
Sep 17, 2021 10:03 AM


A huge benefit would be to connect to this main entrance/parking location where both campground, group use, and day use all know and jump off from.
42.500771, -83.834548
5446 Bishop Lake Rd Brighton, MI 48116
Sep 16, 2021 9:15 PM
4 months ago

It would be wonderful if this trail could be paved. Would it be paved along Maltby and Bauer Road?

4 months ago
JM Gwidt

This would be great, it connect all these great parks and would provide a safe corridor for at least 2 schools!

4 months ago
JM Gwidt

This would be great, it connect all these great parks and would provide a safe corridor for at least 2 schools!

4 months ago
Jess Gwidt

I would use this all the time. Connects several great parks and would provide a safe corridor for at least 2 schools.

4 months ago
Craig Wood

Brighton Rec / Huron Meadows / ILRA are currently only connected by car. Rickett Road and the crossing over 23 are not walkable or bikable. Too dangerous. A non motorized connector between these parks would be fantastic. It would also have the potential to connect the schools on Lee and Maltby road to the parks and also encourage a non-motorized connector the the Brighton downtown area.

4 months ago
Jay Miller

A dedicated path alongside Bishop Lake Road from the campground/beach/lakes area to Bauer Road to connect to the proposed Bauer path would get a lot of use, and be much safer than current options.

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