Pasco County 2045 Needs Projects

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Coordinates: 28.1860117437374, -82.2812969698709
Project ID: 3112

New Urban Construction, 0 to 2 Lanes

From: Meadow Pointe Blvd
To: Coats Rd
Length: 5.451943


Lanes Existing: 0

Lanes 2045: 2U
The proposed connection to Meadow Pointe Blvd from Hillsborough County will turn our idyllic little MP3 neighborhood into a thoroughfare, creating significant bodily risk to children who go to and from the community center. As the SR-56 extension sees additional development, we will no longer have a neighborhood. We will have a virtual freeway. Expect a need for stoplights at each neighborhood to be able to navigate during rush hour. For goodness sake, planners take note -- there is NO benefit to Pasco County or the taxpaying residents in this move.
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