Pasco County 2045 Needs Projects

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Coordinates: 28.2364945504116, -82.4804405660043
Project ID: 3141

New Urban Construction, 0 to 4 Lanes

From: Lake Patience Rd
To: Land O Lakes Blvd
Length: 3.452358


Lanes Existing: 0

Lanes 2045: 2U
This 4-lane project is desperately needed due to growth. Instead of spending money to “Go around” the little 14 home sites on the SW “Dirt Road” end of Tower Road, Purchase the 8 or so properties that were once home to a Rail Road line and Old Cypress Creek H20 Pipeline for the 4-lane road. This property has already been permitted and should be easy approval from Swiftmud & Army Core of Engineers for the water shed problems (I.E. Ridge Rd. ext.). Residential Property not procured, could be easily converted to commercial opportunity for the remaining residents.
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