Pasco County 2045 Needs Projects

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Coordinates: 28.1997438439909, -82.3158286655731
Project ID: 3001

Urban Lane Addition, 4 to 6 Lanes

From: Mansfield Rd
To: Meadow Pointe Blvd
Length: 2.085879


Lanes Existing: 4D

Lanes 2045: 6D
54/56 should be converted into a freeway/highway so that Pasco has a fast commute option from the coast all the way to Zephyrhills. Consider naming it "Pasco Parkway". I'm sure business on the coast would appreciate the increase in patronage from those living in Wesley Chapel, Wiregrass, Crystal Lagoon, etc. Without a freeway, it takes well over an hour to drive to the coast. A non-stop East-West route is needed.
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