Pasco County 2045 Needs Projects

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Coordinates: 28.3233306902531, -82.4091475444942
Project ID: 3005

Urban Lane Addition, 4 to 6 Lanes

From: US 41 (Land O Lakes Blvd)
To: Old Pasco Rd / I-75
Length: 10.250667


Lanes Existing: 4D

Lanes 2045: 6D
Holy cow. This intersection is the worst. Need widening 52 to 41 and longer entrance for left turn onto 41 from 52. Those coming in morning or evening from any direction are basically in a parking lot to and from 52 and 41. The County Detention Center has to put a deputy so emergency vehicles and deputies can even ENTER 41. A 99 year old women with athritis can walk from Connerton Blvd to 52 faster than you can drive from 4-7pm M-F or get onto 41 heading towards Connerton Blvd from 52 the same time of day. If you can't fix the road maybe put up a giant movie screen to help us pass the time 😂 especially since the county has approved 10000 new homes and built them before the roads lol
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