Pasco County 2045 Needs Projects

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Coordinates: 28.1711934845057, -82.3639658006254
Project ID: 3010

Rural Lane Addition, 2 to 6 Lanes

From: US 41 (Land O Lakes Blvd)
To: SR 581
Length: 7.237096


Lanes Existing: 2U

Lanes 2045: 6D
County Line Road should have access to I75 and 275 to relieve pressure at 54/56.
Project Comment
There should be access to County Line road from both I-75 and I-275 to relieve volume on SR-56/SR-54 heading westbound to US-41 and eastbound to Bruce B Downs Blvd.
Other Comment
John Wennlund
Please add some traffic lights, maybe at Cypress Creak Rd and or Oak Grove Blvd. and a side walk, could be black top but separated from road
Project Comment
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