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Coordinates: 28.4338103695395, -82.5399023822027
Project ID: 3028

Rural Lane Addition, 2 to 4 Lanes

From: East Rd
To: W of Suncoast Parkway
Length: 6.506246


Lanes Existing: 2U

Lanes 2045: 4D
Rick Rager
County Line Road needs to be widened to 4 lanes from East Lake Rd East to the toll road. This is a major thoroughfare that has been overlooked for too many years. Please make this project a top priority so we citizens can stop calling County Line Road 'The Forgotten Road'.
Project Comment
In 2005, Hernando County planners stated the CR 578 was "no longer able to accommodate traffic demands at the desired levels." These "demands" have grown even higher in the past 14 years! Just drive the stretch between East Road and the Suncoast in either direction most any time of the day, but especially the morning and afternoon hours including the lunch hours. Doing so, commissioners and planners may better understand why the project deserves a much higher priority by Pasco County. It's my understanding, Hernando County has fully funded their part of the widening project. Yet it seems Pasco County continues to ignore the urgency for completing the project!
Project Comment
please consider adding the mobile home park a turn lane and acceleration lane of their own beyond the addition of the 2nd lane
Project Comment
Mindy Richards
Please include a left turn lane from County Line Road onto Monteverde Drive. There is still room, but for some reason--they took away the official left turn lane into the Highlands (via Monteverde) that used to exist there. It is now an oversized middle lane with yellow hash marks, which is stupid.
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