Smart Moves 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan

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Coordinates: 27.2180366950524, -80.3719411010476

Widen 2L to 4L

From: Becker Road
To: Paar Drive
Length: 1


Source: TIP FY2020/21 - 2024/25
Years: FY 2026 - 2030
Existing Lanes: 2
Total Lanes: 4
go ahead cost $$$ do it right the first time widen to 6 instead of just 4.. FDOT stated estimated a need for this in 2045. But soon it will be 2021 and the Project is not to start for a few years now in phases toward Becker.. So by the time the project is done. The City Residents again are going to have to fund the add lanes to 6 costing the City even More $$$ then doing it right now.
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