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Coordinates: 27.4688401, -80.3351319
What do you think your neighborhood needs most?: More sidewalks/multi-use paths
How do you travel most often?: Car/Motorcycle
Do you think the following studies would be useful?: Sustainable Transportation Plan
planning for and encouraging less gasoline-dependent and single-occupancy methods of transportation

Transit Development Plan Major Update
assisting St. Lucie County in updating its strategic plan for the future bus network.

Community Profile Update
developing socio-economic data at the local level based on the 2020 U.S. Census

Transit Center Visioning Workshop
assisting St. Lucie County in identifying funding strategies for a future bus operations/maintenance center on Selvitz Road north of Midway Road

Transportation Performance Measures 2.0
enhancing the TPO’s plans, programs, and activities related to transportation and public transportation performance measures

Automated Speed Enforcement Study
analyzing the use of automation to issue speeding tickets

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Plan Update
analyzing the development of a Level 3 supercharging station network

Prioritization of the St. Lucie Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) Master Plan
accelerating implementation of the remaining phases of the ATMS Master Plan which uses technology to improve the flow of traffic on major streets

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